Larry Wayne Gatlin

Pursing Excellency in Engineering

Larry Gatlin was inspired to go into his industry as he grew up very poor and had to work his way through school. He mostly worked for an offshore oil well company that a friend of his owned. It was an interesting business, so when he graduated from Louisiana State University and returned to school, he ended up working for a professor that wanted him to conduct undergraduate research. Mr. Gatlin also taught laboratory classes for high school teachers. Since 2007, Mr. Gatlin has leveraged his skills and expertise as the owner of LWG Service LLC. He has prior experience as a vice president of research and development at Refinery Specialties (RSI Chemicals).

Mr. Gatlin attributes his success to the time that he put in to the profession. He believes in the following sentiment: “If you don’t learn to think in school, you won’t be able to outside of school.” In his academic pursuits, he earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Louisiana State University in 1969. He has also put in many hours of additional coursework at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute and the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Gatlin holds a National Certification of Corrosion Engineers and has received numerous national and international patents in the field. He has maintained professional affiliation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Association of Chemists, Society of Petroleum Engineers, as a Sustaining Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists, as a past member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers; and with affiliation to the American Chemical Society, membership to the Honor Guar of Disabled American Veterans, the AARP of Texas and the National Wildlife Federation.

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